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Product disclaimer:
1. After product marketing pictures are beautified and photographed, 

   the received product may be slightly different.  

   please buy carefully if you mind. If you want to see the real photo, please contact us,

  otherwise, you accept the difference between the product and the picture when you place an order

  The “real shot display” in the description is a picture without beautification,

  which is part of the real shot product.
2. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, you can contact us directly,

   please do not unpack the package. If the product is unpacked or used,

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Please accept the above statement before making a purchase.

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    We refuse to take any responsibility for any product non-compliance disputes or malicious bad reviews.
main feature:
1. The mouth and lower body 10 frequency double vibration,

   the mouth can suck. Oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex.

   Titty sex can have 4 sex, four ways to play, multiple enjoyment!
2. The breasts are super-large and super soft, with soft nipples,

    and the breasts can be filled with water, which is close to the real touch!
3. Built-in massager in the mouth and sucking effect!
4. Real people call the bed sound, high simulation 3D eyeballs, 

heating rod simulation human hands and feet
5. Earphone speaker, more intimate and intimate.
6. Integrated design with pubic hair, easy to clean and easy to use without installation!
7. Hair implant type, the original is short hair, long hair needs to be matched separately
8. The default accessories are complete, double-intake air pump, earphone pronunciation jump, USB heating stick, patch, lubricant
9. Accessories description: pump, lubricating oil, heating rod, repair kit, human pronunciation
10. Posture description: any posture, standing posture, sitting posture can be selected
11. Height 160cm,  weight2.3kg, 300 pounds of force


Really shot functional pictures



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